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Frequently asked questions

Feel free to reach out to me at info@craniomom.com.

What is craniosacral and why is it helpful for babies?
Craniosacral is a gentle hands-on therapy that helps ease restrictions in the body to create better function. Often small restrictions or tightness can cause a baby to fuss, eat and sleep poorly. Craniosacral also provides ease in oral tissues in a way that can support babies before and after a tongue or lip tie release.
Do you accept insurance?
Unfortunately, similar to many holistic modalities, craniosacral is not covered by usual insurance. Consider craniosacral an investment in your health, in your child’s health.
Can I use my FSA or HSA?
Angela will provide a receipt to allow patients to make their own claims to reimbursement accounts.
What should I expect during the session?
Initial visits for babies with feeding concerns are 75 minutes. New patient forms must be completed prior to the visit. Angela will perform a simple intake, detailed physical and oral motor exam including a tongue-tie exam. She will give parents exercises for a home program as well as treat the baby with craniosacral therapy. Craniosacral is not covered by insurance.
Do you see patients in San Francisco?
Yes. On Fridays, appointments are available in Pacific Heights in San Francisco by appointment.
Can Angela do an in-home visit?
House calls are possible and reserved for babies under 8 weeks of age.
Do you see adults for bodywork?
Yes. Angela has been working with adults for bodywork for over 25 years. Upon moving to San Francisco in 2007 she was employed by Google to work on employees there. After 16 years, she is moving to a dedicated practice to support the infant community, however, she has many modalities to help you including basic massage, deep tissue therapy, myofascial release, positional release, visceral manipulation, and osteopathic-based techniques. Angela applies a depth of knowledge to each person based on what the body needs for each treatment.
What precautions are taken in regard to Covid?
Angela wears appropriate PPE including masking per local health requirements. Angela’s office in San Francisco has a HEPA filter and a door or window to the outside to increase fresh air. Ventilation is our friend in a respiratory pandemic. Angela is fully vaccinated and boosted. Please reschedule if you or anyone in your household is ill. Masking is optional. However, I continue to wear one while working.
How often should I see Angela for craniosacral care?
Our bodies need more craniosacral support when we have increased stress, injury, or surgical recovery. Many patients will need ongoing care for acute conditions. Babies needing craniosacral for feeding, digestive, or musculoskeletal concerns (torticollis and plagiocephaly) return at least weekly for the first few sessions.
What is required of a new patient?
In order to secure an appointment, a $50 deposit is required at the time of booking.
How are payments are accepted?
Zelle, cash, or check. We cannot accept credit cards at the San Francisco office.